How to ensure a fair price when trading in your car

We are often asked the question; When is it best to sell my car and when does it still make sense to give it the loving attention that I can? Needless to say, there is never the perfect answer and we have to always consider a multitude of factors when making the decision.

The one thing we do suggest, is that you try and do this as un emotionally as possible. And if you are going to splurge on a new car that might be above your price range whilst your current vehicle is perfect, we wont judge you (because we have all done that). But just make sure that you understand why it is that you are doing it and that you don’t convince yourself that you car is in desperate need of being replaced.

The second thing that we suggest is that once you have made the decision, that you take the time to enjoy the experience. Every. Second. Its not something that we do everyday.

We found a great article in Wheels24 which we have included below. I hope it will provide some tools and help you along the way.Whatever you decide, have a look at the fantastic specials and offers on our site and let me know if there is something that we could do better.

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2019-04-11 05:30| Imperial Auto

To sell privately or to trade-in? Usually before you purchase your new car, you would need to sell your old car first.

The options are to either sell your car privately or you could ask the dealership where you plan to purchase your new car from to take your old car as a trade-in. It’s often assumed that selling one’s car privately will fetch you a better price and is therefore thought to be the obvious way to go.

When weighing up your options for this decision, however, here are a few points to consider:
• Where would you advertise it?
• How much could you ask for it?
• Are you prepared to manage the calls you will be receiving in response to the advert?
• Are you comfortable with complete strangers coming to your home and test driving your car?
• Are you prepared to get roadworthy certificates and change of ownership forms sorted out?
• Have you considered the risk of fraudulent payment or the possibility of being scammed by a would be “purchaser”?

If you do not want to deal with any of these “niggly” things, a much better option would be for you to trade the vehicle in.





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Help your customers have a happy holiday

Road trip must-haves you can on-sell
For any family taking a long holiday road trip, vehicle safety and reliability are top of mind, as is being fully compliant with the Road Traffic Act. As a professional auto workshop owner, you can offer a valuable service to your customers by supplying and fitting a host of items from that will keep your clients smiling for the duration of their vacation.

24-Piece Auto Safety Kit: A carry bag fitted with reflective tape to use as a warning triangle. Includes booster cable, long nose pliers, LED torch, bungee cord, bit driver & 10 bits, electrical tape, tyre pressure gauge, triangle bag, gloves and 5 x cable ties.

Fire Extinguisher: A 15kg SABS-approved dry foam fire extinguisher for flames in the engine bay, interior of the car or outside the vehicle.

Air Compressor: A 12v high-power 150w/700kPa compact compressor to keep all tyres optimally inflated. A tyre pressure gauge is included.

Smart Phone Holder: Avoid fines for talking on the phone while driving. This magnetic device mounts to any dash air vent, offering full visibility of the phone face.

Anti-Slip Dash Mat: Dashboards become storage shelves on long trips. Fit a non-slip mat on the dash to prevent objects from sliding off and distracting the driver.

LED Work Light: With its magnetic base and powerful dual LED light bulbs, this torch will ensure excellent visibility in low light. Great for the bush and the beach. Runs on 3 x AA batteries.

Triangular Reflector & Reflective Tape: Enhance a vehicle’s visibility and prevent collisions by applying reflective tape to exterior of car and trailer. Carry reflective warning triangles for all roadside stops.

Towing Belt: A 3-ton towing belt will help rescue any passenger car.

Booster Cables: Genuine ‘jumper’ cables up to 5m in length with surge protection guarantee easy starting from a ‘rescue’ battery.

Offered in conjunction with a pre-trip service and safety check, any car will benefit from these ‘preparedness’ accessories. What’s more, your customers will appreciate you concern for their safety!

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