Dear Start My Car,


I hope you have been enjoying the summer rains and the rejuvenation of everything around us.


Last week in the newsletter we looked at how we link the “right” part to the “right” vehicle. This system works well if the vehicle selected is the correct one.


A few months ago, a very unimpressed customer marched into our store. Apparently the windscreen wipers he purchased online were the wrong size.


After looking into it we realized that they had selected a vehicle similar to theirs, but not the exact one. The situation was easily resolved but highlighted an important challenge.


There are many reasons for this. It might be that the vehicle was sold towards the end of 2020 but registered the following year.  This creates an inconsistency in the vehicles year which can result in the incorrect  spares being supplied.


Unfortunately, it is very common that many customers are unaware of the exact vehicle that they drive.


How have we solved this? Every car has a unique VIN (vehicle identification number) and Registration number. Start My Car has built an integration with TransUnion that allows a customer to input either a VIN or Registration number, this allows us to verify the exact model and supply the correct parts.


That is how we are working for you.


We are also doing our best to offer you the most competitive and relevant products. Check it out.


I hope you are finding these helpful. If so, I would love to have your thoughts.


Have an awesome weekend.