05 April 2019 - Weekly Newsletter - Vol. 2 Issue 14

05 April 2019 - Weekly Newsletter - Vol. 2 Issue 14

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Hi Start My Car Family,Confidence in the economy can often be measured against New Car sales. It should come as no surprise therefore, that a recent Wheels24 article noted a declining trend in new vehicle sales. South Africans are uncertain when things will improve and so they hold back.

What is interesting is that the commercial vehicles sales has improved. This offsets the negative numbers of new domestic vehicle purchases.

Start My Car is aware of the trend to hold on to our family vehicles for longer. We are also aware that doing so requires us to take better care of this possession so that we are able to achieve the extra mileage.

Take a look as some of the products that we are featuring this week to get an idea of some of the ways that we can help keep your family or your customer’s car on the road for longer and for cheaper.

As always, we are here for you and are at your constant service. Please reach out to us so that we can assist.

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Baruch Raff.

The declining trend in the new vehicle market since the beginning of the year continued in March 2019, reports the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa).

Naamsa said: "Lower passenger car sales, however, had again been offset by fairly strong commercial vehicle sales numbers."

Aggregate domestic sales were 47 718 units, a decrease of 1512 units (-3.1%) compared to the 49 230 vehicles sold in March 2018. Export sales had again registered strong growth reflecting a substantial improvement of 7135 vehicles or a gain of 23.7%, compared to the 30 161 vehicles exported in March last year.

Overall, out of the total reported Industry sales of 47 718 vehicles, an estimated 41 235 units or 86.4% represented dealer sales, an estimated 6.6% represented the vehicle rental Industry, 4.3% to government and 2.7% industry corporate fleets. – Wheels24





Gavin Marks

Weekly Deals - Valid until 10 February 2019

Car Cover - Nylon: Medium
R 699.00
Car Cover - Waterproof: Medium
R 1,110.00
Aprove Winch 3500lb
R 4,950.00
Waxco Clear Light Lens Restorer
R 189.00R 125.00
Aprove Winch 2500lb
R 3,985.00
Shield Interior Cleaning Kit
R 120.00

Workshop Wisdom

Earn more with auto accessory installations
Your auto workshop may generate most of its revenue from typical vehicle servicing and repairs, but if you’re looking for new ways to earn extra income, becoming an expert vehicle accessory fitment centre may just be the ticket.

For most motorists, their vehicle is more than just a set of wheels to get them from ‘A to B’. Be it a car, van or 4x4, privately owned vehicles are an extension of the owner’s personality and an integral component of their lifestyle. Your workshop can offer auto accessory products and fitment services that add genuine value to your customers.

Here are 4 top ‘must haves’ for motoring adventurers...

Dual Battery System: An auxiliary/2nd battery in a vehicle that is charged by the primary battery is a 4x4 favourite, providing the necessary voltage to power fridges, laptops, cell phones, lights and many other products, AC or DC. Learn how to select the right components and install a dual battery system here – YouTube ‘The Ultimate Dual Battery System Education Video!’

Inverter: Used in conjunction with a dual battery system, an inverter converts 12v to 220v power, to run everything from TVs to sound systems to hairdryers – available on www.startmycar.co.za. Be sure to understand the difference between a ‘modified’ sine wave inverter, which is good for most electronic appliances, and a ‘pure' sine wave inverter, which is suitable for sensitive electronic equipment like laptops.

Bull Bar & Winch: Every serious off-roader needs a professionally installed bull-bar and automatic winch to get their vehicle and other vehicles out of the mud. If you can work with steel, custom-make bull-bars for your clients or search Google for a supplier near you. For a range of automatic winches, visit www.startmycar.co.za

LED Light Bar: Off-road enthusiasts demand high visibility on dark nights. Source and fit a range of LED light bars as a value-add for your customers and add a new revenue stream to your business. Visit www.startmycar.co.za and search ‘Light Bar’ for a choice of high-quality, affordable options.

Generally, most motorists don’t have the time, skills or tools to fit these specialist accessories - your workshop does. Take advantage of this fact – source the right products, hone your skills and market them! 

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