Tea is LIfe!

It’s been a very, very, VERY quiet week…

This however allowed us to finish all our cataloguing (YAY!). Stella and I are super relieved as we can now focus our attention on customer experience and marketing Start My Car.

Our website is undergoing maintenance and a minor facelift now and again all based on user feedback. We really appreciate the feedback we receive as it helps us to better our customer service and experience, as well as making things user-friendly. As they say, no such thing as bad feedback..

Due to the fact that we’ve had such a quiet week, it has allowed us to do a mini course, to allow us to Level-Up our skills on Shopify.

We were super excited - until we realised it was 67 very monotonous, slow going videos - which most of which we were surprised to see that we already knew a lot more of the basics then we thought! #superbrains

Still very insightful - it gave us some inside scoop on better marketing, so we are very excited to get going and see what we can do with this new found knowledge.

We had a bit of a breather yesterday with Women’s Day (Happy Women’s Day belated to all the ladies out there!).

Just on a side-note-off-the-topic: Today, 7.8% of the world’s countries have female heads of government and globally women make up 22% of parliamentarians. Honestly guys, if women ruled the world, you would have a bunch of angry countries not talking to one another and less wars…

But now onto the real deal some negotiating skills before the holiday - which Stella absolutely rocked. (So, if anyone is looking for a Bargain Hunter, you sure know who to take on a shopping spree with you). After Stella made the deal, we all had a ten second dance party to celebrate the excited “PING” of an order coming through to break the silence… After five minutes… We were back to silence.

We are slowly counting the days until the PriceCheck shortlist announcement coming out next week, and will sure keep you posted!

Unfortunately, we don’t have any Automotive Lesson this week. The only thing we have learned this week is how to stay sane and beat the Winter Blues.

Oh and that tea, is life!