Month End Madness

The 25 hour Fast ended on Sunday, so we can finally put some music on to mask the silent pressure we all feel during this time of the month.

Sales and inquiries have picked up and we are feeling far more productive. The adrenalin has kicked in as its the last week for voting for The Pricecheck Tech & Ecommerce Awards!

We don’t even have to bribe You to vote because Pricecheck is  giving great prizes for voters to win! Don’t miss out!

Positive Reviews on our services keep rolling in and truly motivates us to keep it up!

As much as I’d like to take all the credit for this, our dispatch team are the real superheroes!

We are super grateful for all of their help and going out of their way to assist us with last minute deliveries, even when Vera gives us 10 minutes to put the order through she actually gives us 15.

Kivi (the Dispatch Manager) and I have a silent feud constantly brewing - which of course he started...

To be fair, maybe this all began with me constantly sending the wrong emails to him (which I thought were correct in my defence), and always irritating him with my inquisitive questions.

To keep everyone safe Kaylee now deals with Kivi.

Maryike, thank you for all the tours around that ice cold warehouse and teaching us about how the whole picking system works- after all your years in dispatch we still are shocked that you have not become a human ice cube yet!

The product cataloguing and uploading is surprisingly been more efficient on Excel!

We are working on an exciting competition to be launched soon, but before that we want our site to be operating optimally!

According to the whole company Kaylee and I have other “business ventures” - and who could have told them?

Brenda and Moishe! - (Team Trouble)

Brenda enjoys belly dancing tutorials when she gets you in her office and long romantic walks to the bottle store.. Oh and how can we forget: only a good HR Manager would know all the daily food specials!  You want a T-bone at a great price? Speak to Brenda - she’ll sort you out!

Brenda’s not here often but when she is you’ll know: there’s always a que outside her office!

Automotivelesson101: We only stock copper wired cables, this is because graphite is only meant to be in HB Pencils - (comment courtesy of Mark’s dry humour)

We learnt this week that Brake Shoes, Wheel Cylinders & Hold-Down Pins (also known as Brake Spring Kits at Start My Car) are all parts that fit into a Brake Drum!