A seed is planted, and if you continue to water it, and take care of it, it will grow to be a Jacaranda… (Well in this case)


What am I talking about? Yes I know this is automotive anonymous and not gardening101!

What I’m trying to get at is that we have expanded our roots into Pretoria!


This week was the beginning of our ‘Expansion Tank’, and it all started with a few phone calls and a drive to The City Of Purple Trees…

The drive was filled with excitement and an energy of eagerness!


The first stop set the tone and with each passing spare shop we gained more insight into what was happening in the automotive spares market. This you can only know from experiencing the environment and interacting with people involved in the industry. Listening to each individual's own opinions of the spares business and brands helps you see different elements and gain an alternative perspective.


We met many different personalities that all welcomed us to have a look in their store rooms where we saw market leading brands including D.O.E stocked on the shelves and we were so proud and excited that we did mini photoshoot sessions by the D.O.E fanbelts!


And no we weren’t embarrassed to do that… because anyone that we asked about the D.O.E brand products were happy and impressed with the quality of these parts. So our promise of integrity and quality is no contradiction!  (Let us know what you think about D.O.E parts you have purchased @ info@startmycar.co.za)


After all the spare shops were seen we started the car and headed home!

The drive back was very taxing on my poor ears due to Moishes way of talking (screaming) on the Bluetooth connectivity… But all in all it was a great day (10 October) I’ll give it a 10/10!


Food for thought: Why buy lower quality parts that don’t last, instead pay for trusted brands from reputable stores so you won’t need to pay the mechanic for the labour cost again.


We hope you have all been preparing your wish lists for Black Friday coming up! Because we are preparing and more ready than ever! We have deals that will make you your hearts happy and your wallets happier… (We will be sure to remind you closer to the time.)


Last but not least in the tank we have the Tool Trolley Competition running for the next 2 weeks only! So get ENTERING ASAP!  - WIN R25 000 just by entering!

Continue to watch us expand as the weeks go on!