Goodbye July. Hello August!

Okay. Hold on. August already?

Are we the only ones here feeling that this year is going just as fast as it came around?

We cannot believe how time has flown. So….. Happy New Year already guys!

Stella and I both feel like our heads are going to explode with everything we have learnt in the last few months - but we still want to know more! Hence, why our lunch break one day included us standing outside one of the mechanic’s shops, debating over what was the alternator, checking out the filters and fuse boxes in this little Mini Cooper’s engine… (Mr Bean would be proud).

Voting has now ended for the PriceCheck E-Commerce awards, and we are waiting excitedly to hear where we are in the placings. A huge thank you to everyone that voted for us! We appreciate all your support.

We also need to say thank you to our other superheroes that always help us out - our Retail guys are more clued up than you think. In between running the counter, helping customers and doing their own work - they always manage to squeeze Stella or myself in for a Q&A session. Thank you so very much.

On a giggle note - this past week did feel very stressful.

We are almost (hopefully) done with uploading all the products. Obviously we are going to run into a few more that need to be uploaded but the majority will be up there. We are staying positive even though it feels never ending Excel-Copy-and-Paste..

So between the long silences in the office (the only sound is of us typing away). Baruch broke the silence by discussing a show on Netflix. This ended with him and Stella arguing about how old Queen Elizabeth II was when she ascended the throne. (She was twenty-six, just by the way). We also had some cake (Kosher, of course) on Monday which left us hyper for the remainder of the afternoon until a massive sugar crash happened… #cakeMondaysarestillthebest. P.S.: Thank you for the cake!

Automotive Lesson 101: How to check for an electrical leak in your car! Make sure everything in your car is off. Doors closed, make sure that nothing is pulling power. EARTH DISCONNECTED. Put a Globe on the black wire’s point and touch it with the black wire at the same time. If the Globe glows a dim yellow - you have an electrical leak!

Benjamin Franklin would be stoked!

(Please note, we can not be held responsible for anything going wrong if you do this - recommended for cars running on a computer only)

That is all from us this week. Our orders are growing. Traffic not stopping. Us? Busy making sure that you can Start Your Car!

Have a great weekend everyone!