We often get frustrated by the world we live in, especially over the last few years which have dramatically affected our way of life.

But we forget sometimes how spoilt many of us have actually become - and how convenient this life can be, in a flourishing digital universe.

Almost anything and everything can be purchased online via app or desktop and shipped straight to our front door or workplace. (For many of us, those are the same places now)  

And this includes spare parts!

We have seen a massive growth and demand in the B2C online purchasing of vehicle spares, from shock absorbers, brakes, air filters, batteries and so much more.

And the point to this is that e-commerce never sleeps, it runs 24hrs a day.

Yes, certain suppliers and workshops may be closed, especially over the festive season, but if you need a battery for your vehicle, or maybe some new wiper blades before your road trip this weekend, you can shop for it …..at 1am ….while you are having a bath.

So, the ‘online workshop’ is actually never closed, for both the DIY mechanics and actual workshops/garages that are still open to the thousands of vehicles on our roads over the holidays.

Simply put, shopping online is by far more convenient and hassle free than ever before, no matter the time of year and location.

And of course, we at Startmycar.co.za have you covered with some of this week’s top travel essentials.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected


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