Takealot has been, and will remain to be (for now ?) the leader of almost everything related to e-commerce in South Africa.


As someone that spent years with the Takealot group, it is always fantastic to see how they lay a path for innovation and development within the African E-commerce realm. This article, that I share with you, our Start My Car faithful, is no different.  (I do love me some Tech )


“South African online retailer Takealot has launched its new flagship collection facility in Richmond Park, Cape Town, a culmination of a multifaceted investment that brings together technological innovation and uniquely South African artwork under one roof.



The retailer has moved its order collection offering from the Cape Town distribution centre to the new Richmond Park Takealot Pickup Point. The new facility spans 1,560m2 with an adjoining warehouse space of 4,611m2. It also houses 569m2 office space and boasts the latest in distribution centre technology and innovation.


The Takealot Pickup Point boasts the latest in distribution centre technology and innovation such as advanced sign-in, name recognition, and hassle-free returns that can be done substantially quicker with more convenience. Plus, standard and next-day collections are free at the new flagship Richmond Park Takealot Pickup Point.


Productivity-boosting robots

The collection facility also comprises a customer-facing area where shoppers will be able to collect their packages with the help of warehouse transport and delivery technology in the form of the automated guided vehicle (AGV) Weasel.


A first of its kind in South Africa, the AGVs have become a key component of logistics chains at Richmond Park, providing a fully-automated experience to inject an element of fun and innovation into the collection experience, while at the same time boosting productivity.


With an average collection time of just 3 minutes, these ‘little robot helpers’ are designed to guarantee safe transport of packages from behind the scene to shoppers’ hands - another first for AGV Weasel which have only been used in non-customer facing areas across the world. With the support of AGVs, Takealot says its staff are able to offer a quicker, yet still personal collection experience.


To highlight Takealot's local heritage, the e-tailer has commissioned local Afro-centric Avant-Garde artist, Silas Motse for a large-scale bespoke art installation that showcases the Western Cape’s indigenous fynbos flora and the sustainable lifecycle of the iconic Takealot box.


Takalot Pickup point Richmond Park the story


Sustainable packaging

As of May 2022, all Takealot boxes will also carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation logo. The FSC is an international non-profit, multi-stakeholder organisation established in 1993 that promotes the responsible management and care of our forests around the world.


As a trusted organisation, the FSC badge stamp highlights the origins of the materials used. The stamp also denotes the independent third-party confirmation that the packaging adheres to the FSC’s social and environmental standards underpinned by global best-practice.


More importantly, the stamp is proof that all packaging is made from 100% recycled materials – helping to alleviate pressure on the forests across the world and supporting Takealot’s commitment to more sustainable packaging.


The new Takealot Pickup Point can be found at 1A Hansen Close, Richmond Park, Cape Town, and officially opened its doors on 1 April 2022.”- ( source – bizcommunity )


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