I have said it time and again, but these are not my words, they are the words of millions of shoppers and e-commerce merchandisers all over the globe. “We shop with our eyes 1st “.


How else would we be able to shop online? We can’t feel, touch, smell, hear or taste the product.


Product description yes is critical, the more we know the simpler it is for us to make an informed decision and click buy. But product imagery is everything when it comes to shopping online.


Good imagery can make or break a customer’s 1st impression of the product. That being said, if the product can be seen in a secondary lifestyle shot or even more detailed images, this only betters the probability that the customer will add to cart.


Not everything needs a lifestyle shot, after all, salami is salami, but think about this, seeing an image of the salami in its packaging, sure ok … but seeing it with melted cheese and all the trimmings on a fresh baguette…. Makes me feel like a salami sandwich! (Add to cart) .


Bad imagery can cripple an ecommerce business. It is by far the number one reason customers return products, stating it is not what they ordered, as the product and the image are not the same.


I love this new concept by Wish.com, who (as you may know if you have ordered from before)e are what some would say  a  prime ‘culprit’ of the “this is not what I ordered “ realm. But are breaking new ground to reduce return rates and improve customer conversion.


“Wish, one of the world's largest mobile e-commerce platforms, has unveiled Wish Clips, a new shoppable video feature designed to enhance the customer experience and simplify the path to purchase. The company said the new feature aims to tap into the growing demand for immersive content.


Each shoppable video experience enables users to quickly gain more information about the product and envision the various ways it can be used or worn. With one tap, users can view the product details, visit the merchant’s store or add a product to their shopping cart. Buyers can also ‘like’ or report a video to Wish’s content moderation team.

Wish Clips is already available to Android users in nine key markets – Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan and United States – and will be rolled out to iOS users starting in April.

Merchants have the ability to create and upload 5-30 second eye-catching video clips that showcase their product in action. ​​Through Wish’s merchant dashboard, merchants can access performance metrics to better understand how videos are able to drive sales for their products. The dashboard will be updated over time to include other metrics such as customer likes and watch time, in addition to a much more robust and streamlined user interface. ( example )


Discovery commerce
“Discovery commerce is the future, and we are deepening our investment into new products and user-centric features to bring that element of discovery to life. For users, Wish Clips helps them better visualise the product and enjoy a more immersive, interactive experience. For merchants, Wish Clips provides a great opportunity to showcase their brand’s personality and style, while driving product discovery within a native shopping experience,” said Tarun Jain, chief product officer, Wish.

“We have built a one-of-a-kind shoppable video player to capture commercial inspiration like never before. The reaction so far from our users and merchants has been great. We look forward to completing the rollout of Wish Clips across our entire user base very soon,” continued Jain.

The introduction of Wish Clips is part of the retailer's broader effort to enhance the user experience on Wish and provide more tools for merchants to showcase their products, the company said, adding that Wish Clips is one of many in a suite of new products and features slated for rollout in 2022. “ – ( source Bizcommunity )


As always, I hope you enjoyed the article, and I am sorry if you feel like a salami sandwich now.


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