I love innovation and how the tech world continually evolves, to for most parts improving our lives and the loves of those around us.


I have spent many years in the e-commerce industry and the one thing we know from e-comm, is that it never, ever sleeps. It is a 24hr a day business that involves many departments, such as engineers, call centre staff and warehouse teams who work crazy hours to better our lives.


I have seen 1st hand how taxing this can be on time management and travel. Not to mention expensive due to our high fuel costs in South Africa, and well, unfortunately the lack of safety for late-night and early-morning travel.


I read this article regarding a new solution ( Zello ) and I found the concept a brilliant one. Yes, many companies hire drivers and taxi services, but this app can put the power in the hand of not only the employer but the employee.


“Zeelo is a tech-driven business that offers flexible, turnkey, plug-in, and SaaS transportation programs for South African organisations.


These software-driven transportation solutions help your organisation facilitate daily commutes, late-night and weekend shift requirements, as well as first and last-mile shuttles for employees.


What you can access

Zeelo is powered by technology, but led by humans, which means you get the best combination of cutting-edge innovation and incredible customer service.


Key technologies available from Zeelo as part of a tailored transportation solution include:

Routing software that uses address data to compile the best routes.

The Zeelo app and website, which make it easy for riders to book and manage their trips, track their vehicle, and access customer support via live chat or phone.

The Driver app, which is used by drivers to complete their assigned trips efficiently.


An in-house operations management dashboard that is used by Zeelo’s 24/7 live operations and customer support team to compile, manage, and monitor your organisation’s scheduled trips.


Automated digital reporting that provides extensive data on the performance and utilisation of the service.


These technologies work together to give your organisation access to a managed, end-to-end transportation solution that is faster, safer, and greener.


“Zeelo proudly works with businesses across all industries to provide their employees with a safer, more reliable, and convenient alternative to using public transport or driving their car for their daily commute,” said James Champion, GM of Zeelo South Africa.


“Not only does this improve the safety, wellbeing, punctuality, and productivity of employees, but it also assists businesses in reducing pressures on parking and traffic congestion, not to mention reducing their carbon footprint. On average every Zeelo removes 30 vehicles off the road.”


Zeelo is transforming the South African transportation industry and your organisation shouldn’t miss out.” (source – Businesstech)


If you are interested in Zeelo’s tailored transport solution platform, click here to learn more.


I found this rather brilliant, and hopefully it may help you solve some of your staff transport issues.


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Stay safe, Stay Connected.


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