It has most certainly been a ‘crazy’ month here is our beautiful land. 

The news has been dominated by the looting and destruction of property that has led to the loss of life and livelihoods. 

I am not going to use this space for political debate, but rather as always, an information source into the world of ecommerce. 

In that breath I wanted to update you rather on how the above circumstances effected ecommerce trade and where it currently stands. 

South African Ecommerce saw both sides of the fence over the last week or two. 

The 1st side of that fence negatively impacted sales due to factors such as the closure of distribution centres around the country, the inability to receive stock through major ports and very importantly the delay or cancellation of many orders due to a vast number of courier companies coming to a standstill. 

On the other side of the fence these few days preceding the mayhem has seen a spike in ecommerce sales. 

Why, well in my opinion there are a few reasons? 

Firstly, people just don’t want to leave their homes. With Corona still very much at the forefront of life and with the addition of unrest, safety is a key priority. So why leave you home if you can have all you need delivered to your front door. 

Secondly, many retailers unfortunately lost brick and mortar stores during this time and in that have really added addition support, specials, sales etc to their pre-existing online stores in an attempt to help try to circumvent some losses and attract shoppers. 

And perhaps lastly. Some of the big ecommerce companies in South Africa where relatively lucky to come out of this crisis unscathed, leaving them with warehouses full of stock and an opportunity to supply products to the highly demanding South African Market. 

So once again it seems like Ecommerce will continue to grow at a rapid pace based on its convenience, safety, speed, and simple solutions. 

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Stay Safe, Stay Connected.