It’s been a very interesting week in ecommerce since the first 7 days of trade in Level 2 of Lockdown restrictions.

After an initial spike in sales across certain departments, we saw a flattening of the revenue curve and a leveling out of many online orders throughout South Africa.

What were triple digit growths in consumable goods for example came down to still very strong double-digit percentages. And the 60%+ growth in automotive seen the previous week moved to a 45% growth year on year (which by industry standards is still fantastic).

The online consumer was most defiantly far more conservative with their spending as they could slowly venture back out into restaurants, taverns and local markets and for some parts back to many social activities.

However there's still an area of online trade within automotive that saw a fair about of traction and growth in week 34 and 35, that being camping & 4X4.


For obvious reasons of ‘freedom gained’, South Africans, packed up their trailers and caravans, jammed the boot of the car to capacity and headed out (where possible) either to their favourite campsite , back to holiday homes or for many of us to a new and exciting part of this beautiful country we call home.

Either way, 4x4 and camping accessories were in high demand, so make sure not to get pegged down too tightly, but rather get blow away by some of this week’s must haves:


Inflatable Air Mattress

Trailer Cargo Net

XTM 4X4 Recovery Kit

Jockey Wheel [JW750]

Stay Safe, Stay Connected.