Start your engines South Africa, the race to black Friday is about to begin.

After a very long and crazy year, the anticipation of some much-needed black Friday retail therapy is upon us, with what is promised by many e-tailers and retailers alike to be a November month packed with deals and savings alike.

We at Start My Car love to give and share and in that spirt we thought we would share with you our 3 best tips to help you navigate the winding sale roads ahead.

  1. Shop Online


This is the best tip we can give you for many reasons. Of course, the most prevalent being the treat of Covid.  Why unnecessarily expose yourself to large crowds of people when you can safely sit at home and browse thousands of products from behind your own four walls. Almost all businesses will be placing more emphasis on online shopping and for this reason you will see a vast number of more attractive deals that you would not find instore and many more incentives to shop from home , such as free delivery for example.


  1. Start Early


This Year- Many deals are kicking off early this year with the crescendo of the month being black Friday itself, however there should be some “hot products” selling well before November 27th and with all this ‘new’ online traffic they will sell fast. So, if you don’t want to be disappointed make sure to snap up that item you have being dying to purchase as soon as possible.

It is also important to recognize that online shopping will boom this month, and in that delivery times could be impacted and delayed, so it may be in your best interest to shop early and avoid the possibility of a long wait.


  1. Sign Up for Newsletters


Many of us do not like to be constantly ‘spammed ‘ by unwanted e-post , but if you want to stay informed this year about weekly and daily deals , we strongly suggest to sign up for newsletters as they will be the best way for you to be reactive and aware of all the amazing products on offer.


  1. Bonus tip


Stay Social media savvy – There will be an endless flood of media posts on all the well know social platforms and these can be a great place to gain extra discounts and incentives.


So, make sure the WIFI is running at full speed, the mobile phones are charged, and you have those fingers fueled up for what is to be an online formula 1 for the whole month of November.

And don’t forget that sometimes you may have to use your brakes, before you crash… your bank balance!


Make sure to watch out for our weekly newsletters and amazing deals, but if you can’t wait till then, go snap up this week’s top items.


Stay Safe, Stay Connected