As we, as South Africans celebrate Heritage Day, it’s hard not to ponder over on the past 6 months and the havoc that the Covid-19 pandemic has played in many of our lives.

There are truly sad and negative moments we can all reflect upon, but one thing you can be certain of is that we are a tenacious nation. South Africans do not give up easily and when our backs are against the wall, we keep pushing forward, right up until that final moment when we band together and drop kick that ball through the poles.

This Tenacity has come to fruition in the ‘new age’ of Ecommerce.

With many jobs lost, the entrepreneurial spirit of South Africans turned to the simple and lower risk opportunity of starting an online business. Sure, it’s not as effortless as it sounds, but with far less overheads than opening a brick and mortar store, all one requires is a laptop, access to a decent internet connection, a self-starter spirit, positive attitude and of course a product.( whether manufactured or purchased ).

There are also many alternative routes to market one could take, such as selling via a few of the third-party marketplaces on offer in South Africa or making use of the giants of social media to lay claim to your new venture.

The coronavirus pandemic, according to an article published by BBC News (19/09/2020) “has accelerated the entire ecommerce industry in South Africa by 4-5 years at least”, leaving us all with a new frontier to possibly build a sustainable and profitable online business for many years to come.

We at Start My Car can lay testament to that.

After its humble beginnings in 2015, the foresight and hard work of its founders, Baruch & Moishe Raff, Start My Car can proudly claim to be the Largest Online retailer of automotive related products in Africa!


So, as you cool your drinks and prep our coals for this Heritage Day Braai, let us help you start to smolder and sizzle over some of your ‘new ideas’ with this week red hot sellers.

Bakkie Cover Double Cab (No Canopy) - Waterproof

Foot pump [CCR131]

Universal Car Floor Mat Set (4 piece)


Stay Safe, Stay connected, Stay Proudly South African