We don’t know about you, but it feels like certain parts of Covid-19 never existed, as many things start to slowly return to some sort of normality.

One of those key areas is the return to schooling for many children across South Africa as well as certain higher learning institutions too.

Many Parents who can now call themselves ‘self-certified’ TEFL and CELTA teachers (and even though they did a great job) are breathing a sigh of relief, returning their children to the experts as they themselves return to the workplace.

What has this meant for Ecommerce?

We have seen a consistent growth through the ecomm realm with no major slowing of the upward trajectory. However, with so many changes over the last few months we have seen both increases and decreases in sales across many departments. So, what may have only been possible to purchase online may now be sold at a store and items you may never have purchased at a brick and mortar store you now own because of fantastic online line pricing, the convenience of door to door shipping and the ability to travel to pick up points.

Overall, what we are still seeing is that even though many of us are returning to the workplace and certain industries are almost up to full steam, the ecomm brakes have certainly not been hit.

Even more so now that parents and non-parents alike must focus again on time management.

Why not quickly sit behind your PC or your mobile phone and simply place your order before the morning lunches are packed?


With this said, week 36 has seen a 40% spike specifically in automotive cleaning products, for what we can guess are only a few reasons. One, nobody wants to be seen in a filthy car (even though the rain may help) or two the car is filthy after the daily and weekly carpool. (Please don’t forget to sanitize) . Either way, this is not the time to get caught in the dust cloud but rather to sweep up some of this week’s top sellers:

Stay Safe , Say Connected

This week's top pics:


Shield Car Care Value Kit

Heavy Duty Car Vacuum Cleaner

Surface Cleaning Kit (includes hand cleaner)