It has certainly been an interesting week in ecommerce as we enjoy our newly found lockdown ‘freedom’.


The Month of September has come and gone in the blink of an eye with it a slight drop in online spending across all channels.


Having said that, after my discussion with many brick and mortar retailers, they too have seen a decline in sales over the past month. It has also been very interesting to see some of our retail giants in South Africa popping up with TV ads to push brand and product exposure, which was never the case in the past for many of them.


The real reason we can never be too sure of but there may be many factors contributing to this decline in sales over the September month.


One certainty is that we as South Africans are feeling that financial pinch as we slowly recover from the Covid -19 pandemic and are directing our spending on basic living essentials. This spending trend has seen a massive spike in online grocery purchases and once again ecommerce has proved its’ convenience and simplicity to the emerging South African consumer.

Another possible factor is that many shoppers start to ‘hold back and ‘save’ for what has come to be the biggest month of the year, aka black Friday and the madness of the November spending rush.


Nevertheless, online shopping in South Africa is still in hyper growth and at this current trajectory, we can possibly expect that in the next 5 years a fair share of our population doing the bulk of their shopping from the comfort of their homes or at the office while surfing their favourite sites via desktop and mobile apps.


We did see however in this last month a considerable spike in vehicle accessories.


With new vehicle sales at a low point and South African pockets getting a little deep it only makes sense for us to take the budget we have for our beautiful mode of transport and give it a well-deserved facelift.


So, if your family workhorse or pride and joy has a few bumps and bruises, make sure to check out this week’s top products, for that ‘new car’ smell.


Stay Safe, stay connected


Seat Cover (6 Piece) - Grey


Steering Wheel Cover



Gear Lever Knob - Black