I have really noticed a fair increase in the amount of online bulk shopping. 

Unfortunately, I feel the unrest in the past few weeks throughout Gauteng and KZN have dramatically impacted some of the current online shopping trends. 

There seem to be for me, at least a couple reasons for this. 

Firstly, the lack of supply. 

Many retailers and businesses (such as small garages, DIY & Auto outlets) in badly affected areas were and in some instances are, still unable to get a consistent supply of the products that they regularly sell. 

For this reason, they have sought out the fasted route to market, that being ecommerce, where products can be sourced both swiftly and delivered almost anywhere. 

Sadly, these ‘businesses’ may not be making the margins they were used to in the past, but at least they have been able to find a way to sustain sales. 

Secondly, the average South African perhaps is a little ‘afraid ‘to be ‘caught out’ again and would rather start to build a healthy (apocalyptic) stockpile of their favorite products to either use for their own use, or start be become a ‘bootlegging entrepreneur ‘, which I say in a way completely unrelated to liquor. 

Either way, buying in bulk makes more sense. 

Generally, you would get a more attractive price than shopping singularly and in the long run well…… more is better. 

So do yourself a favor, go BIG, bulk up and check out some of this week’s top sellers: 


Shield - Splash Car Shampoo - 5Litre (PACK SIZE: 2 )


Shield Sheen Interior Wipes (Luxury Showroom & Nu-Car) (PACK SIZE: 12)


Shield - Tool in a Can Multi-purpose Lubricant -375ml (PACK SIZE: 12)