In the current environment we live, it has been very evident that the growth and necessity of ecommerce has become, like many other advanced countries around the globe, a way of life.

In this breath and leading back to some of my previous articles, ecommerce has become a must for many current businesses and a quick and less expensive route to market for many small-scale companies and entrepreneurs.

In big ecommerce news this week. (as reported by Businesstech ) the “JD Group has launched online shopping platform Everyshop in South Africa, offering a range of global brands in a curated assortment of tech, electronics, appliances, fashion, beauty and many other categories.

A division of Pepkor Holdings, JD Group already owns high-profile retail chains including Incredible Connection and HiFi Corp.

Everyshop is supported by a national network of 16 distribution centers that deliver to the home using a dedicated logistics fleet, and courier partners.

As many of these products are big-ticket items, JD Group’s stores also offer credit finance solutions.

The increased need for convenience through online shopping has inspired the company to look at new ways to serve its customers, it said.


Everyshop features existing product ranges within the group’s network of stores and includes new product categories and products. It offers products in 10 main categories – entertainment, fashion, health & beauty, perfect home, work & study, projects & DIY, lifestyle & leisure, fitness, cellular, and kid’s world.”

So, if you are South African Ecomm Royalty, make sure to keep that ‘Markle’ in your eye shining bright while you keep the other firmly on the competition.

Make sure to ‘Harry’ along and check out this week’s top sellers.

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