It is amazing how the world has changed over the last decade.

The information highway has certainly become longer and windier allowing as to navigate the digital world simpler, faster and without many roadblocks.

What interests me the most,  is that no matter what you are looking for these days; vehicle parts, car sales, car insurance and even vehicle finance, all of it can be done from behind your PC or mobile.

You would think that this would reduce the workforce, but in fact it has icreased it, well in my opinion at least.

Why you ask, well its two-fold I believe.

One, there is so much more accessibility to products via the web, that no matter where the customer may be in South Africa, they are able to get literally any item and service they desire. Which lends itself to more staff being employed to manage this national influx and demand. This may lead to, as an example, the hiring of more engineers for website development, additional warehouse staff for packing and shipping, an increase in staff required to handle 1000’s of digital submissions via call centers and even hundreds more drivers to deliver packages to every corner of the rainbow nation.

Secondly, it has also given rise to countless, hardworking entrepreneurs who have smartly made use of the technology provided to us and created a sustainable, new career path for themselves, which in essence leads itself back to point 1.

Whichever way you look at It, shopping online has created so many more opportunities for an improvement in our countries terrible unemployment rate.

So, it’s a fact, all your automotive needs from A-Z can be met by simply plugging yourself into the matrix superhighway. Start Clicking South Africa.

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Stay Safe, Stay Connected