There has been a lot of news of late with regards to the South African Post office and the competition commission looking into ecomm delivery through businesses such as Uber and MrD and it is interesting for me to see now that they have opted to create agreements from outside of our country to try and improve their own service delivery. 

With so many Post Office Hubs around Southern Africa it makes sense that they could make themselves a powerhouse in pick up points, if they can hold a high level of service delivery. 

“The SA Post Office says it has signed an agreement with Uruguay e-commerce platform MailAmericas, aimed at giving online traders better access to all of Southern Africa, including rural areas. 

MailAmericas, which is based in Montevideo, works primarily in Latin America and Africa. According to its LinkedIn page, it develops services for e-commerce companies as well as offering printing and distribution services itself. 

It works with over 60 postal operators, including SA. Other partners include Kenya Airways, Egyptair, British Airways and Zimpost. 

The agreement, which came into effect on Tuesday, states that SAPO will provide distribution services to clients of Mail Americas in SA and the sub-continent. 

It promises customers who buy items online will have greater choice, lower delivery charges and faster, simpler deliveries and customers clearances, SAPO said. 

Some customers of MailAmericas include e-commerce platform, and Aliexpress, an online retail service based in China, owned by the Alibaba Group. 

According to SAPO, South Africa is the regional port of entry for airfreight imports, and the Post Office – with its sorting centre at OR Tambo Airport – will allow mail to enter the sub-continent. 

"The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a shift towards e-commerce in Southern Africa. With 1 500 branches all over South Africa, the SA Post Office is in the right position to give all South Africans access to e-commerce, including those outside cities," said SAPO. 

SAPO said the emphasis on customer service is part of a drive to ensure that customers receive parcels in the system as quickly as possible. 

Recently, SAPO warned the public of a scam where fraudsters claim a parcel is being held for the customer but cannot be handed over until outstanding customs fees are paid.” (source fin24) 

So with interesting times ahead in regards to a possible improvement in the national service delivery of the SAPO , all we at start my car can do is give our STAMP of approval and encourage you to shop some of this week best sellers , delivered happily to your desired destination anywhere the road may take us.