What can I say that we do not already know about how Covid has impacted our lives? 

It is evident that it has affected our lives in both the short term and in the unforeseeable future. 

I mean it’s been almost 17 months since we entered our 1st lockdown and who knows when the day will come when we lower the masks and return to some sort of post 2020 normality. 

What I can report on, as always, is the continual rise of online shopping. 

In the past few weeks since we went back into adjusted Lockdown Level 4, I have seen a solid increase and demand for Automotive Parts and accessories. 

It seems to be that either South Africans are venturing out, where possible on short road trips, perhaps getting their vehicles ready for a weakening of covid restrictions or using this time to do a bit of DIY on their garages and project vehicles. 

So, what are consumers shopping for? Well, I have seen both sides of the Road, so to speak. 

We have had many customers shopping for basic car accessories, like covers to keep their stationary vehicles safe as well as seat & steering wheel covers to give your ‘baby’ a bit more protection and a little flair. 

Cleaning and sanitization products have also continued to increase in demand, giving not only a fresh shine to the inside and outside of your vehicle but also that addition protection against the ongoing spread of ‘germs’. 

Winter has also brought along its own set of challenges, such as cars that won’t start and for that reason, we have seen a rise in sales of products like battery chargers, battery water, booster cables and engine start products, to name a few. 

And lastly it is fantastic to see so many avid automotive shoppers, purchasing spare parts for their own vehicles but also workshops around South Africa. From shock absorbers, brakes, filter and oil kits, expansion tanks to CV joints, you name it. 

It is pretty evident that shoppers want it all and they want it delivered to their front door. 

Luckily for you, we at Start My Car have the biggest selection of online parts and accessories to suit all your needs. 

So, start your online engine, warm up those fingers, unfog those eyes and get shopping South Africa. 

Why not start with some of this week’s Top Sellers. 

Stay Safe, Stay Connected