I don’t know about you, but my New Years resolution list is longer than the State of the Nation speech (much smaller budget though) . But will I make it …. I doubt that, well, not all of it at least.


But 2020 has left us all with a lot to think about. For me it’s the time lost, to have possibly used more constructively in self-improvement. And I will not be alone in this thought, millions of us will jump into 2021 filling our online baskets with self-help books, fitness trackers, blenders and tons of other products we have had in our wish list for months.

You can be certain of finding a few great deals over this period as some of 2020 stock will be overrun and the next ‘best thing’ is sure to hit the shelves.


But we have a suggestion for you.

Why not finally put together that garage you always wanted and start building that project car you have put off for so long?

The beauty of shopping online or the internet in general is the amazing depth of product out there to choose from, as well as the wealth of digital knowledge there is to educate you on each step of the process.


Let us know what you are working on, we don’t only have thousands of products to choose from but also brilliant staff with years of experience and knowledge you may just need to get the ignition switched turned.


Whatever it is you decide to embark on in 2021 , we at Start My Car are here for all your automotive must haves.

We wish you all the best of luck!


Stay Safe, Stay Connected.


Professional Garage Kit


Home DIY Garage Tools


1.5 Ton D.I.Y Trolley Jack