Welcome to 2021, what a crazy year 2020 has been. Unfortunately, not much has changed since the clock ticked over into the New Year, and if anything it has, it unfortunately is for the worse.

Covid19 continues to wreak havoc across the globe, forcing us back into level 3 restrictions, putting serious strain on the economy and sadly, a further loss of lives and livelihoods across our rainbow nation.

Ecommerce however continues to blossom in a period so reliant on social distancing and convenience. I myself walked the malls over Black Friday and Christmas just to see how the South African public would respond. And what I found was a far cry from years prior.

No crazy lines, no madness at the tills and doors, it was all very tame. Thankfully so in my opinion at least. So many of us opted to sit at home and safely shop online, which we continue to smartly do.

But where has the growth come from this month?

After a few discussions with fellow ecomm businesses I have found that much of the start of the 2021 growth has not only come from self-improvement (as it always has with failed new year’s resolutions) but very much from home improvement.

To me that makes a lot of sense, we have been spending countless hours in our homes due to restrictions, it only seems logical that we would want to make that stay more enjoyable.

This growth has been spread across products for the home, kitchen, garden, home office and yes you guessed it….the garage.

So, if you are like me that has given up on a few new year’s resolutions already, do not be so hard on yourself, there is always next year.  But until then, let us help you make your garage a happy place to be with some of this week’s favourites.


Stay Safe, Stay Connected