It’s that time of the year when many businesses around our much-beloved country are preparing for their financial year end.

And you know what that means… Lots of Bargains.

Ecommerce will be lit up, so to speak, in the next few weeks with what many online giants deem as one of their biggest shopping days of the year (not counting black Friday of course), that being the annual “Feb Fire Sale.”

Many of us are not use to the term ‘Fire Sale’, so I thought I would just add in for your, well, and my reference the meaning of the term, according to Wikipedia.

“A fire sale is the sale of goods at extremely discounted prices. The term originated in reference to the sale of goods at a heavy discount due to fire damage. It may or may not be defined as a closeout, the final sale of goods to zero inventory.”

Basically, in a nutshell, some crazy prices on products that has been sitting in our Wishlist’s for some time now. (That were not set on fire).

Most of these products will be the last of a model or season and items that buyers are hungry to move. However, there is normally some well-known brands and fantastic must haves on offer, you will just have to be patient as you rummage through all the virtual clearance ‘bins.’


But you will have to act swiftly if you do not want to play online tug of war for that item you have been wanting for so, so long.

My top tip, add the products to your Wishlist now, and as you get closer to the advertised dates, put them in your cart.

Until then let us help you get warmed up with some of this week red hot must haves.

Stay Safe, Stay connected