In a world that has become so reliant on ecommerce service delivery it makes sense that many businesses around South Africa and the globe have opted to do all their relevant shopping online.

The ‘trend’ has taken off in the Middle East and we have seen many companies here in South Africa following suit.

Business executives in the two largest economies in the Gulf Cooperation Council region of the Middle East say they are already purchasing much of their supplies online, and a big majority expect business-to-business ecommerce to become more important in the years ahead.

In the survey commissioned by B2B marketplace operator Tradeling, 47% of business executives in Saudi Arabia and 46% in the United Arab Emirates said their companies primarily purchase online. And 82% of respondents in the survey of 500 executives said they expect businesses will use B2B ecommerce more in the future.

So why do all your business shopping online, well why not?

You can find almost anything you need for the workplace, from your tea and coffee, desks, PC’s, right through to all your tools and workshop accessories.

There are multiple payment methods and of course delivery takes place at your business doorstep, even if that doorstep has now become the front door of your home.

You can also eliminate all the time lost sending staff out to ‘do the monthly/weekly ‘shopping by simply opening your PC.


There are a few ecommerce companies that are happy to set up B2B accounts for you depending on the level at which you are purchasing. 

I would however suggest having a look at the base of most website homepages to see if you can in-fact make use of this service before you get too excited.

We at Start My Car, as always, are happy to look after all your automotive requirements, whether it is for your home, garage or the business garage and workshop.

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