You could almost feel a blanket of stress fall off many South Africans as the president announced the easing of lockdown restrictions this past week. Almost instantly I saw the beaches full and the restaurants and pubs with lines outside.


The online search of alcohol skyrocketed as the president announced the return to onsite and offsite consumption, but the searches quickly plummeted again as many e-tailers were still scrambling to get product back up on site as well as have a clearer understanding of what the weekly rules are.

Nevertheless, ecomm saw a rather steady shift this week as online spending dipped ever so slightly with South Africans digging back into their pockets to enjoy their burger and chips…with a cold beer.


Ecommerce overall has however not showed any major significance in pulling up the handbrake as South Africa’s ecomm giants continue to report huge numbers with many a business year end fast approaching.


In other big Ecommerce news this week, many of you may have read about Jeff Bezos stepping down as Amazon’s CEO to fill the position of Chairman later in this Year.

It has been reported that Bezos has promised his employees that he intends to stay active in the company and to focus his attention on new products and early initiatives in the same way he did during the early days of Alexa and Kindle.

It is said that Bezos will be involved in many large, ‘one-way door’ issues which may include decisions like major acquisitions. This is no doubt a comfort for investors, who expressed their satisfaction with the orderly transition by resisting a panicked sell-off and keeping Amazon stock relatively flat in extended trading.

So now that we can purchase alcohol again, here is a toast to you Mr. Bezos , from us at Start My Car , just remember to do it safely from your home and not from behind the wheel, South Africa!

Safely sip your drink and shop some of this week’s top sellers.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected.


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