The battle grounds are being set, e-tailers and retailers alike are preparing now for the storm that is only weeks away - Black Friday!


Black Friday, which originated in the USA and found it way to our shores via a popular South African online retailer has shaped itself into the biggest revenue driver of the year, replacing what used to be the buzz of December and Seasonal shopping.


It is not that December is a weak month for many businesses, but black Friday and the month of November offer so many crazy deals as well as a profound build-up in expectation of the best possible price and products in the market.


For many of South Africa’s large retailers, Black Friday can constitute hundreds of millions of Rands in revenue over only a few days and it has in turn become a massive portion of yearly budgets.


We have also seen many adverts via omni-traffic platforms such as TV, Radio, Social Media and email to educate and whet the appetite of the consumer at huge marketing costs.


With all this hype, you are bound to get a degree of mayhem.We have all seen the social media sharing in the past years of enormous crowds and the chaos that ensues.


BUT, with Covid-19 still very much part of our life and a possible second wave to follow , is it truly even a wise idea to venture out into hordes of people?


The answer, well in my opinion at least, is to shop online!
In the past , shopping online has most definitely spiked over Black Friday, but now more than ever in these crazy times we live, we are certain too see an immense spike in online shopping over this period.


And why not, there is a huge selection to choose from, an insane multitude of deals, all of which can be accessed from the safety of your home and delivered to your front door anywhere in the country, avoiding ‘dangerous’ crowds , the nightmare of trying to find a parking spot and the anxiety of kilometer long queues.


We at Start My Car look forward to giving you some fantastic deals to look forward to this Black Friday. But until then, why not get the engine ‘warmed up’ with some of this week’s hottest items.


Stay Safe, Stay Connected

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