This is just a personal opinion, but I find the next two weeks of the year the best time to shop both online and instore, but mostly online.

So why do I think it is the best time you ask, well here are just a few of my reasons.

Black Friday through to Cyber Monday has come to an end; what does that mean for both customers and businesses?

Some shoppers may have picked up the best prices over this time period and many of us may have missed out, but there is a silver lining. (Well on certain products at least).

One word, Returns.

There will be plenty of ‘remorse shoppers‘ returning perfectly good products as well as others that just may not be happy with their purchase ( eg: wrong size /color … you get my point ) and this will lend itself to ‘unboxed’/demo prices on these items which could be a far better price than Black Friday.

Another pertinent point as to why you may get some outstanding prices in the next few weeks is due to the fact that many e-tailers and retailers may be sitting with a lot of products that did not sell very well.

The buying departments will be eager to ‘flood’ these products into the market which will ultimately give us - the happy shopper - some epic products at great prices and help businesses gain some much-needed revenue into the festive season.

Which brings me to my next point, Christmas and the festive season are right upon our doorstep and many companies will either try to maintain momentum from November into December or claw back some losses as previously mentioned. And that again may possibly mean some terrific deals and deep discounts, without the madness of Black Friday, screaming people and crashing websites.

Lest not forget too, the Corona ‘elephant‘ in the room; who knows what the next few weeks will bring in terms of lockdown restrictions?


Retailers specifically (without e-comm delivery capability) may sadly be scurrying to make the most of the weeks preceding 2022 and with that trying to maximize revenue as swiftly as possible through aggressive deal pricing.


Either way, make sure to keep your eyes firmly peeled on the online highway as there are sure to be some incredible products and deals waiting just around the bend.


Why not start with some of our week’s top sellers.


Stay Safe, Stay Connected.



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