It has been pretty evident that the rise of ecommerce has boomed since the outbreak of the Covid19 Pandemic. 

The Ecomm ‘giants’ in our Country have reported huge revenues and many companies have closed retail brick and mortar stores, opting for a lower risk online platforms in order to keep ‘afloat’ during these difficult times. 

Now with South Africa back in level 3 and the news that the president is looking to possibly re-introduce much harder lockdown restrictions, especially in the Gauteng region, who are the most heavily hit by daily cases it seems to me as if we can expect another skyrocket in ecomm sales in the next few months. 

My main point behind this possible boom, has everything to do with regional sales and fulfillment. 

Roughly 60% of ecommerce sales are concentrated around the Gauteng province, where many of the major Ecommerce businesses and other large retailers have their biggest hubs and warehouses, which manage a huge number of deliveries not only within the densely populated major metropolitans but also a large part of the surrounding provinces. 

So, if we indeed move the Gauteng region into level 5, we can without a shadow of a doubt, in my opinion expect a massive boom in online sales. 

With so many unexpected possible changes once again disrupting our ‘normal’ lives, one thing you can be certain of is that we at Start My Car will endeavor to remain consistent in our supply and selection of fantastic automotive parts and accessories. 

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