This past week’s ecommerce sales have seen a relatively strong uptick in vehicle accessories.

By accessories I refer to items that can both give your vehicle that new car ‘look’ and ‘makeover’.

It has been rather evident that covid has taken its toll on the pockets of many South Africans, and while new vehicle sales are not terrible, they are by no means spiking.

For this reason, it seems to me that many of us are still trying to ‘improve’ the basic look and feel of our vehicles with items such as new seat covers, wheel, car covers and cleaning/restoration products, just to name a few.

Let’s be honest, why not, as life stands, most of our time is either being spent in our homes, holiday home (if you are lucky enough) or on a weekend drive just to gain a bit of sanity.

The amount of time we spend in our vehicles has dramatically changed since 2020.

“A baseline taken in March, pre-lockdown, shows that people used their cars 22 days per month, to travel 1,647 kilometres.” (Source - business insider)

So, it seems me that while we may never return to pre-lockdown traffic congestion (let’s hope) that there certainly are more vehicles returning to our roads, and in doing so, vehicle owners are making sure they are returning with a bit of style.

Of course, it is always important to highlight the convenience and safety of ecommerce.

We are very spoilt for choice when shopping the online matrix, filled with an array of endless virtual shelf space and an array of products, promotions and deals to suit our budget.

So, feel free to drive into our amazing online store and get all your vehicle accessory requirements starting with some of this week’s top sellers.

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