As we begin 2021, it’s time for that annual exercise of making New Year’s resolutions. Be it losing the dad bod and fitting in those size 32 jeans again, to eating better and exercising more often or quitting bad habits, New Year’s resolutions are always challenging. This year, take it easy on yourself and make some resolutions that help keep your car running at its best.


1.     Your Vehicle’s Good Diet Plan

While sticking to the New Year’s Keto diet plan may prove a bit of a challenge, following your car’s service schedule doesn’t have to be. This year, take a solemn pledge to keep on top of your car’s servicing plan. By following the preventative maintenance schedule recommended by your vehicle manufacturer,  you will  avoid unexpected repair bills and breakdowns. Not only that, if you ever decided to sell your baby (as in your car, please don’t sell your actual baby,) potential buyers will want to see that the car has been properly maintained and serviced in the vehicle’s logbook. If you neglect to have the car serviced regularly, this may impact the price you’ll get for it when it comes to selling it on or trading it in.


2.   Did someone say booze?

Cutting down on booze this 2021? That may be a great New Years’ Resolution for you, but not necessarily your car. Your car still needs all the fluids it can get — from coolant/antifreeze and engine oil, to brake and transmission fluid. If any of these liquids start leaking from your car, a fault or breakdown will surely follow. While transmission and brake fluid leaks are very unlikely, you should check the coolant/antifreeze level at least once a month to make sure it’s between the min and max mark in the reservoir tank.


3.   Address Minor Problems Before They Become major Problems

We’re all guilty of driving with a minor fault from time to time — be it a strange smell, a weird creak, or a warning light on the dash. While you may be able to continue driving for a short while, that small problem will likely mushroom into a much bigger one as time goes on and the kilometres rack up. In 2021, aim to get all those niggling issues sorted before they become much bigger and more expensive ones.


4.   Keep Your Tyres In Check

Perhaps one of the easier and cheaper New years Resolutions is to check your tyre pressure and condition of your tyres every once a fortnight. You can ask the petrol station attendant to check the pressure for you, or you can check it yourself with any of the analogue or digital pressure gauges we sell on Start My Car. A brief visual inspection and tyre pressure reading will help you avoid premature wear and tear, and could even prevent a flat-tyre, puncture or, in more serious cases, an accident. If you aren’t sure how to check the condition of your tyres, have a brilliant guide on how to do just that.


5.   Test Your Battery Before And After Winter

Come winter, most of our New Years Resolutions have long since been forgotten. However, winter is the time of year which is most critical to your car’s battery.  The cold temperatures of winter can have a negative impact on some car batteries, leading to a significant drop in power output. If your car’s battery is over five years old, we’d recommend checking its charge before, during and after winter. You can do this yourself with a simple Battery Tester from Start My Car, or by taking it to any battery fitment centre. If the battery is down on power, give it a charge using a battery charger, and if it persists, consider replacing the battery.


6.   Have A Clear View Of The Road Ahead

Every year we set ourselves goals, and, as we dodge those unexpected curveballs which life throws our way, it is okay to temporarily lose sight of them ! The one thing you never want to lose sight of, even momentarily, is the road.  Your windshield wipers are key to you maintaining a clear view of the road during inclement weather. Don’t wait until it starts raining to check the state of your windshield wipers; this is the absolute worst time to discover that they aren’t working properly. Be sure to inspect your wiper blades – both front and rear – for signs of damage including splitting and ripping and performance problems like streaking and smearing. If you find that any of your blades are damaged or performing poorly, head onto Start My Car to find the correct blade for your vehicle and replace it immediately


7.   Keep It Clean!

While you will no doubt be using all your spare time in 2021 exercising, spending more time with the kids, taking the dogs for a walk or doing chores for the wife (in no particular order of course), it can be tough to find the time and energy to clean the car! This goes for the exterior as well as the interior.


Wash the outside of your car on a regular basis to avoid a build-up of dirt  and contaminants (such as bird droppings or salt if you blessed to live along the coast) that not only looks unsightly but can lead to rust and corrosion..


Periodically clean the inside of your car. Pick up food wrappers and other garbage off the floor. If you spill that morning coffee, be sure to clean the upholstery immediately to prevent staining. Clean interior surfaces like the steering wheel, dashboard, console and handles to eliminate the growth of unhealthy bacteria.


At Start My Car, we carry and extensive range of cleaning products, shampoos, polishes, waxes, as well as interior cleaners and leather cremes. Ordering your parts and having them delivered to you will take no time at all. Commit to spending one Sunday morning a month giving your car a good clean (In fact, gets the kids to help you and you can tick off that resolution too).


8. Drive safely and economically

To keep your car in peak condition for the duration of 2021, it pays to steady up and drive more economically. By observing speed limits you will not only save on fuel bill, but will also avoid unnecessary, costly damage from potholes and other faults in the road. The faster and more aggressively you drive, the more strain you’ll place on your car — something which often leads to premature wear and tear.


In terms of safety, let us all resolve to end distracted driving, whether it is texting while driving or having the Pekinese on your lap.  Distracted driving is an epidemic that is completely preventable. All you have to do is to eliminate the distractions and make focusing the top priority.


Wishing you all a safe 2021.