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Suitable for mechanics and workshops, the Trade Account Option offers trade prices along with prioritised delivery and a listing on our associated workshop index.

Our full range of Automotive Accessories Repair, Service and Electrical Parts as well as Tools and Hardware are available through this channel. Due to price and stock availability being on the screen in front of you, the traditional “Quoting” up and down has become a thing of the past. If the item is right, just add it to your cart and confirm your order. You will receive an order confirmation and your goods will be on the way. This ordering process can take you under 5 minutes! Think of the time saved (And time is money!)

• Prioritised delivery means no more waiting for deliveries. Our delivery team will get the goods to you the same-day within Gauteng area and overnight to most areas within South Africa.

• As a tradesman, part of your profit comes from marking up the products that you use and fit. At Start My Car we are particular not to cut out the middle man. You will pay the retail price less 20-30% allowing you to make those additional profits.

• A listing of your company and relevant details will be included on our associated workshop index. This will give you exposure to the thousands of people that pass through our site. If you have a website, this will give you backlinks which will assist with your SEO and Google rankings

At Start My Car – our customers experience is extremely important to us. We value and appreciate the support, and try to offer the very best in terms of service and quality inventory. We hope to give our buyers the extra boost in confidence to support our brand as well as peace-of-mind when it comes to ordering and receiving.The new Start My Car 30 Day Trade Account is the most effective way to ensure that you receive everything we have aimed to achieve and more. If you are not yet a member – join us now.

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