Volkswagen Polo BAH

Volkswagen Polo BAH

Engine Oil - 20W50

R 280.00 R 281.00

20w50 motor oil
Formulated with superior base oils & patented additive technology
Provide better protection against volatility burn off.
Unique TriShield technology provides superior deposit protection
Maximum protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown
Ultra low friction to improve mileage
Premium, custom made additives enable advanced performance

Fuel Injection Filter - Polo BAH

R 380.00 R 382.00

Maximum cleaning
Maximum operational safety of injection-system components
Reliable engine protection
Long engine life
Maximum safety reserves

Oil Filter - Polo BAH

R 76.00 R 85.00

High flow filter designed to improve performance
Designed for synthetic and conventional oils
Premium filtration media for increased capacity
Provides outstanding filtration

Spark Plug - Polo BAH

R 65.00 R 67.00

Higher HP and torque by up to 3 %
Increased economy by up to 5%
360° Firing Technology
Improved acceleration by up to 15 %
25,000 miles - 40,000 km duration