Rear Window Shield

R 264.00 R 310.00

Rear Window Shield
Size: 920mmx570mmx1000mm
Permanent installation. Attaches with Screws.
Top of screw attaches with pressure sensitive hooks.
Mounted to the window
With out Print made from Vinyl

Solar Window Film

R 33.00 R 50.00

Solar Window Film
Size: 3mx500mm
Energy Saving Solar window film protects Vehicles against excess heat factors resulting in a more comfortable, more economical environment.
Control against glare and Fading.
Improves privacy.
Application Squeegee and complete installation instruction are included.
DIY - Do-it- Yourself !

Static cling Screen

R 26.00 R 35.00

Static cling Screen
Size: 16x48cm
To block Sun behind mirror
Suitable for any kind of car
Keep Cool.
High Visibility.
Stop Sun heat.

Windscreen Spring Shades white

R 105.00 R 107.00

Windscreen spring Shade
Size : 142x67cm
Spunbond Material
Front window Shade
Protects your car dashboard from direct Sunlight.

X-Appeal Windscreen Sun Visor

R 50.00 R 52.00

Windscreen Sun Visor
Long life special foil
Reflects the sun rays
Prevents heating in the car
Suitable for various cars
Color - Silver