7 June 2019 - Weekly Newsletter - Vol.2 Issue 23

7 June 2019 - Weekly Newsletter - Vol.2 Issue 23


Dear Start My Car,

Let’s be honest, you often wonder if dad loves his car more than he loves you. And although deep down you know that he doesn’t, he certainly does have a soft spot for that 4 wheeled child. Well, it’s nearly Father’s Day, and we have some brilliant ideas for you. Ideas to suite any budget; Tool kits, car cleaning and maintenance equipment. And not only that, buy any of our sale items and we will throw in a free gift of your choice. Yes it’s as simple as that! Put a sale item in your cart, go to your cart and a popup will load with a selection of free gifts from which you can choose something for yourself. Take a look and make sure that you take advantage of some of our great deals.

Below is a great Wheels24 article that looks at the different types of cars that different dads like to drive. It’s fun. Enjoy it.

As always, we love to hear from you and want to know from you how we can do better.




He’s Superman in regular clothes, a shoulder to cry on when you need it the most and a Michelin-Star Chef when it comes to making the perfect batch of pancakes. As South Africa’s one-stop shop in car retailing Imperial Auto believes that there’s a car for every type of dad out there and, just like fathers, no two are the same. 

  1. The Adventure Junkie:Off-road enthusiasts and outdoor-lovers alike need a car that can keep up with their active lifestyles. The Jeep Renegade is an SUV that is spacious enough for five people and all the camping and fishing gear a Dad could need. The exterior was inspired by Jeep’s vintage design, displaying the symbol on the roof of the car as well as in the front and rear LED lights. 
    While the Renegade pays homage to old classics, the Landrover Discovery is an off-roader for the new age. Having been put through its paces in an 18 month journey across 20 countries, the Discovery Sport stands the test of the world’s toughest terrains. 
  2. The Suit: For the dapper sort of dad, the perfect car oozes sophistication and style but is also practical enough to drive his loved ones around. The Audi Quatro isn’t just a pretty face – it is equipped with Traffic Jam Assist to make sure everyone gets to school and work with time to spare.

    Another option is the Lexus IS 200  with rear wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic gearbox. The sleek and low exterior gives off a racy, edgy look while the on-board voice-activated navigation system ensures you’ll never have to stop and ask for directions. 
  3. The Sports Fan: The right car for dads who take their rides just as seriously as they take their sports is just a click away. The Dodge Journey offers a keyless ‘enter n go’ ignition while providing almost 2m² in interior cargo space, which suits the busy soccer, golf or tennis playing dad. 
    The Renault Duster offers a macho sporty exterior, with a chrome grille, double-optic front lights and chrome roof rails. Mounting your kayak or surfboard couldn’t be easier!  
  4. The Gadget Lover: While some dads have trouble figuring out how to work a TV remote, others’ are happy to spend most of their time tinkering with the latest tech. The Mazda CX-5 is designed for tech-minded dads. Its MZD Connect, its touch screen infotainment system, allows you to browse social media feeds and instant messaging applications by connecting to your smart phone.  
    The BMW 7 series is a tech-lover’s dream. With an integrated tablet device in place of the dials and buttons usually found in the centre console area. Gesture control allows you to make a swiping motion with your index finger pointed at the touch screen to accept or reject a call, or a circular motion to change the audio volume. 
    Make his day with a car that’s just right – there’s one for every type of dad out there. 




Do It Clean!

Grow your profits with vehicle cleaning services

 As an auto workshop owner, cleaning your customers’ vehicles after you’ve repaired them is no doubt an integral part of your workflow and overall service offering. Chances are you have machinery and detergents necessary to clean dozens of cars a day but merely lack the personnel to do it. With a modest capital outlay and time taken to train new personnel, you can not only create jobs in your area, but also add a valuable resource to your existing enterprise by establishing a co-located car wash and valet service.

 Here are a few tips on how to get started...


  • Research and Market: Determine how many car wash operations are in your area, what auto cleaning services they offer and what they charge for their services. Find a gap in the market – offer something unique and give your service a bold name, a ‘brand’ that broadcasts the customer benefit. Advertise widely using outdoor signage, your local newspaper, flyers and business cards, as well as online using your business website, Facebook page and other social media platforms.


  • Get the right machines: The big buys are a high-pressure washer and a vacuum cleaner. You can use domestic-level units available from hypermarkets and takealot.com or you can buy commercial-level units from www.goscorcleaning.co.za - they also offer refurbishes machines and rental options.


  • Get quality cleaning products: Having the right detergents, polishes, waxes and deodorisers is essential. You will also need to get the right brushes, cloths, sponges and applicators for cleaning and detailing both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Visit startmycar.co.za for a full range of auto detailing products for paintwork, windows, wheels, tyres, exterior and interior plastics, carpets and leather.


  • Employ and train: Build a winning team by comprehensively training enthusiastic people who take pride in their work. Incentivise and reward them for revenue generated and for positive feedback from customers.


  • Create a customer comfort area: A gazebo, tables and chairs in a small garden area will provide a comfortable space for your customers while they wait for their vehicle to be cleaned. You can sell drinks and snacks to them too!


Bottom line – Don’t go in for the quick buck. Think long-term and build your auto cleaning business on quality, competitive value, customer care and friendliness.






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