Dear Start My Car, 

Don’t try this at home. In fact, don’t try it anywhere. Don’t drive off from a road block with a traffic officer on your bonnet. It might be humorous to watch, but you could land yourself in serious trouble. And the traffic officer could land in hospital or worse. 

I have no idea what would make a person do this, just to avoid getting a ticket. But it is stupid and irresponsible. If you don’t believe me, check out the MSN article below and you decide.I have no doubt that they are not a Start My Car customer.We need to act within reason, sensibly and we need to make sure that we worry about safety at all times. And that includes being cautious and responsible. 

Responsibility includes looking after your vehicle. And that is why we are here. Put us to the test. Check out our specials, our availability and our delivery. And let us know if there is something that are doing right.As always, drive carefully. 



Traffic cop literally goes the extra mile

The Gauteng Traffic Police department has described a motorist’s behaviour as unacceptable after one their officers was filmed clinging to a car bonnet, while ordering the driver to step out of the vehicle. In the video, the female officer can be seen clutching onto the top of the car while the motorist drives away.  The vehicle was later brought to a halt by a minibus vehicle which swerved to block the motorist's car. 

The Gauteng Traffic Police department said the officer was in the process of issuing the 27-year-old female driver with a traffic fine for using a cellphone while driving and the driver chose to drive off and in the process, the officer tried to stop her.

The driver was immediately arrested for failing to comply with an instruction of a traffic officer, reckless driving and resisting arrest. A fine was also issued for driving while on a cellphone. "The conduct displayed by the driver is not only reckless but also smacks of arrogance," said the department's spokesperson Ofentse Morwane. 

"With the province experiencing a high number of unnecessary crashes and fatalities on our roads, it is of utmost importance that our law enforcement agencies should stamp their authority on those who disregard the rules of the road. 

Morwane said drivers should also respect authorities. "The conduct of the driver in question is punishable at all costs and will never be allowed. Irrespective of the attitude of road users, we will continue to stamp our authority and do our work without fear and favour." 



Yolande Marx


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Workshop Wisdom

The No-Weld Exhaust Fix

An easy way to fix a leaking exhaust pipe without a welder 
Damaged or leaking exhaust systems are common on older vehicles, resulting in loss of performance, poor fuel economy (they’re also noisy and legally non-compliant). Rust and perished gaskets or seals are invariably the reason behind the loss of exhaust system integrity and fixing the problem can be a pricey and time consuming job involving removal of manifolds and pipes, fitment of new parts and the need for sharp welding skills, which place a high fire risk on the technician and the vehicle. 

The good news is you can repair your customer’s faulty exhaust using a few simple products, tools you already have and a little ‘auto fix savvy’. Here’s how... 

Make sure the engine and exhaust are cool. You will be using soapy cold water to find the leaks (use dishwashing liquid). 

Place an air compressor or two-way vacuum cleaner hose into the exhaust pipe tail end (preferably with a tight fit using a rubber grommet, if necessary) to pressurise the exhaust system. This will provide the necessary air pressure in the exhaust system to make the soapy water bubble, showing you where the leaks are. 

Spray the soapy water onto the exhaust manifold and if the soapy water bubbles and pops, you’ve identified at least one of the leaks. 

Jack the car up and get under the vehicle with the spray bottle. Spray the soapy water along the length of the exhaust pipe and the silencer. If any big bubbles appear, you’ve identified more leaks. 

Clean the manifold with adhesive remover from and sand the area with 100 grit sand paper. 

Seal the manifold leak using Pratley Steel Quickset – get it from Allow it to set and cure for at least one hour before starting the vehicle. 

Repair any holes in the exhaust pipe or silencer using Gun Gum Exhaust Bandage from The exhaust pipe and silencer need to be heated by running the engine so use safety gloves when applying the bandage. 

Restart the vehicle and spray the soapy water on all the repaired areas. If they’re bubble free, you’ve mastered the art of the no-weld exhaust quick fix!