Dear Start My Car, 

Remember when they first introduced toll roads? Many of us looked for alternative routes in order to avoid the fees. Our thought process was that we might be increasing our distance, but it will save us money. That said, it is unlikely that we ever would have driven close to 80Km out of our way like motorists in the UK were asked to. Have a look a the CNN article below – it makes us appreciate what we have. 

The reality is that we never know when we might be forced to travel on roads that we didn’t expect to. Which means it is best to be prepared. Have a look at our starter pack (brilliant value for money) as well as some other “good to haves” in case of an unexpected detour. 

Mostly, stay safe and let me know if there is anything that I can do to assist your Start My Car experience.  



41-Mile detour for 65-foot-long road closure

A county council in the UK has caused a stir by announcing a 41-mile detour for motorists next week -- as a result of just 165 feet of roadworks. 

For five days, traffic will be diverted from the Dorset village of Godmanstone into the neighboring county of Somerset in order to avoid the works on the A352 highway. 

Drivers will be treated to a highly scenic route past Cerne Abbas -- home to the famous hillside chalk figure the Cerne Abbas Giant -- up to the picturesque town of Sherborne and onto Yeovil in Somerset, a former centre of the English leather-making industry, before looping back down to the A352. 

The diversion will take more than an hour, according to Google Maps, only for vehicles to re-emerge a couple of miles further along the road from tiny Godmanstone, population approximately 130. 

The closure will allow a sewer connection to be made on the road through the village, with work starting on Monday October 28 and anticipated to finish on Friday November 1. 

In a statement, Dorset Council said: "The official diversion has to be suitable for the type of traffic that would normally use the closed section. This is an A road so we have used other A roads for the diversion." 

It added that smaller local vehicles "will undoubtedly use" other minor roads to bypass the closure, meaning that not all drivers will be forced to travel the full 41 miles of the official detour. 

If anyone contravenes the council's notice and attempts to pass through the area of roadworks, they are liable to receive a fine of up to £1000 ($1285) 



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Workshop Wisdom

Before You Start on that Starter Motor

Auto electricians capable of diagnosing failing or defunct electrical components like Electronic Control Follow a process of elimination and save time and money
Units and Starter Motors generally spend large amounts of capital on test benches and sophisticated diagnostic equipment. In a word, they’re specialists and charge accordingly. While they serve a vital function in prolonging the life of a vehicle, you can help prevent unnecessary wastage of time, energy and money on unnecessary Starter Motor refurbishing or replacement by following a Process of Elimination. This entails checking and testing each component that plays a part in delivering voltage to the starter motor. 

So, when a customer’s car won’t start, check these three key areas before you look at the starter motor… 

1. The battery – check voltage with a Multimeter and ‘cranking amps’ with a Load Tester. Make sure the terminals are clean and the cable connectors are 
2. If the vehicle has a factory-fitted immobiliser, check the dash ‘Theft’ warning light. If it’s off, the problem lies further down the wires towards the 
    starter motor. 
3. A blown fuse or starter relay is often responsible for a car not starting. Check the Owner’s Manual (or search online) for the location of the starter 
    relay and insert a healthy replacement unit. Check the fuse box for any blown fuses and replace if necessary. 

Once these components are given a clean bill of health, you can now check the starter motor itself. While an assistant turns the ignition, hit the starter motor with a hammer a few times. Often, an old starter motor suffers minor seizure due to age and simply needs some ‘CPR’ to get it turning again. 

If the car still doesn’t start, disconnect the battery cables and get under the vehicle. Use a hydraulic jack and jack stands for extra safety. 

Situated where the engine and transmission meet, which is where the flywheel resides, the starter motor can be relatively inaccessible and tricky to work on so have the necessary socket extensions including a universal joint adapter socket. 

Clean any corrosion from the starter motor connectors and wire leads with sand paper. Attempt to start the car again. If the starter motor fails to turn, it’s probably time for a new one. 

The OE-quality DOE range of starter motors from is extensive and is the ideal replacement starter motor backed by a ‘no quibble’ guarantee. Tip – apply silicone paste to the DOE starter motor connectors and the wires to make them water and corrosion resistant.Bottom line – Much angst is caused by ‘mysterious’ issues affecting the starter motor. 

Be a mystery-buster using simple logic and a process of elimination. Cut to the source of the problem and give your customer a swift and cost-effective solution that gets that motor running right!